rainbox and your watering becomes Intelligent

rainbox product

  • Save up to 50% on your outdoor water consumption.
  • Sprinkles only when needed, depending on weather conditions, soil moisture...
  • Watering for up to 8 independent zones with our integrated calendar and user friendly interface.
  • Control your sprinklers from your smartphone or the web even when you're on holiday.
  • Receive information notifications when rainbox modifies the watering schedule.
  • Range of connected accessories available including water features.

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A Breeze To Install

Directly replaces your existing controller seamlessly integrating and start watering your garden in the less than 15 minutes.

Watering And Beyond

Go beyond just watering with our range of remote garden management accessories.

Safe™ Technology

Sprinkler valves wear prevention.

Valve failure detection.

Ensures that you watering schedule is reliable.


Control your garden watering from any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Seamless remote-access, with our free cloud option. Simple configuration to home broadband network.

rainbox users’ community to share best practice and watering profiles.

Proudly Developed In France

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Ôptimise™ Technology

Adjusts watering duration based on :

  • current weather conditions and 10 days forecast.
  • soil type.
  • data provided by sensors*.

Prevents soil saturation and water run-off phenomenon.

About us

Rainbox, is technological innovation for sustainable development. We develop and bring to our customers, products which reconcile ecology and economy…